Energy efficient

What is the highly efficient ARXX wall system ?

Energy Star Energy Star The highly efficient Arxx wall system is a sum of light-weight modules made of expanded styrofoam that stack together one upon another.

Modules designed to be part of the wall stay at their place after concrete pouring. The isolating formwork wall system from Arxx outruns every current building method by the versatilty of its design, its faultless structural integrity, its high energy efficiency, its soundproofing features and its great resistance to wind and fire. With Arxx distributed and installed by Rollex Distribution, you are sure that your custom-built project will be executed in time within the budget planned.
Save 40%s on your annual energy bill.
Increase your house's value
Save on your insurance premiums

How does it work?

The isolating formwork system modules are made of expanded styrofoam and are designed to be part of the wall after concrete pouring.

In preparing to pour concrete, we use polypropylene moors or lattice to hold on modules.

A formwork module is composed of two PSE panels linked to a lattice. Like in masonry, modules are laid to form seats.

High steel framework polls are inserted according to engineering concerns. The high steel polls are easily inserted on most cases, there is no need to attach them with an iron wire.

The wall is aligned and counter-vented as a preparation to concrete pouring.

The highly efficient Arxx wall system allows to get very straight solid walls.

Concrete is poured according to practises advocated by groups such as ACI, CSA and analogous authorities.

Expanded styrofoam modules stay still and provide superior insulation.

Polypropylene lattice constitute a practical surface to mount inside and outside facing with the help[ of appropriate moors.

For a custom-built and easy installation, Arxx offers a wide range of specialized formwork modules, including the 90┬░ angle module, the moveable corner module and the brick ledge module.