Energy efficient

Rolexx Distribution's Isolating formwork:
an ecological solution

Energy Star Energy Star Arxx houses are clearly more economical on the energy side than houses built on a wood skeleton. Researches in the field have proven that 77% of the energy's cost you pay uselessly can be attributed to three major causes:

  1. Even if you isolate a wall on a wooden framework the best you can, air will still infiltrate through spaces and flooring junctures, unavoidable holes in the wind-shield and the numerous spaces between framework polls and the weave insulator.
  2. Even if you isolate a wall on a wooden framework the best you can, an energy loss may occur through thermal transmission from the wood polls located at an interval of 16 or 24in.
  3. Your basement is a place where energy losses occur often because of the lack of full height isolators on the walls.

The isolating formwork system provided by Rolexx Distribution eliminates three major causes of uselessly paid energy spendings by offering you the following advantages:

A monolithic uninterrupted isolated concrete wall that has no vacuum space, no polls and that doesn't allow any air infiltration

A mounted wall with an insulation factor with a ratio greater than the sum of its parts. In most regions, our walls overtake the R-50 factor of a wall built on a wood skeleton.

Same superior insulation is applied to the basement's walls