Energy efficient

Isolated Formwork vs Wood House Comparison

The chart below makes the comparison between an Arxx isolated formwork house and a house built with wood.The data is based on an unifamily house located in Québec . These informations may vary depending on the house's exact location and the special settings of its location.
  Arxx Bois
Full cost 155 000$ 150 000$
Energy savings More than 1 500$ per year X
Savings on premiums insurance 40% due to high resistance to fires, hurricanes and others X
Resell value No loss of value, possibility of value increase because of the permanent rise of energy costs. Loss of value due to materials' deterioration
Fire resistance 4 hours 45 minutes
Hurricane resistance More than 220 km/h X
Ecological No tree used for outside walls Necessity of using a minimum of 50 trees
Warranty 30 years on Arxx products Manufacturer's warranty
Inside air More healthy, no moisture, perfect for people ill with asthma Within time, moistures infiltrate the house.
Sound coefficient A Coefficient of 50 A Coefficient of 33 during first years
Thermal ratio lifelong R-50 Maximum R-23 during first years
Security and solidity of the house Increased with 16in of reinforced concrete half-timbering 2x6 16in
Run fast 35 days (depending on conditions) 40 days (depending on conditions)
Air infiltration No one through spaces, flooring and wall junctures as well as perforated air.