Energy efficient

Resistance and security

Arxx's walls are fearless and resist with ease to the forces of time and nature. Reinforced concrete's structural integrity offers exceptional protection against hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

It makes sens that a sustainable framework built by Rolexx Distribution with concrete reinforced of correctly treated and hardened high steel fiber offers better resistance and security to an ordinary framework built with wood.

An economic and secure solution

Arxx walls contain exceptional isolating features that save consequent money to the building's owners. Moreover, this increases comfort for the people staying and working in buildings made by Arxx. The Arxx's walls thermal ratio values are equal or better than those of a wood building with a R-50 factor.

An ecological solution

With the isolating formwork distributed and set up by Rollex Distribution, you really help the global ecological effort. while saving on energy bills (up to 40% of your annual heating and air-conditioning costs). Please take a look to this page which details Rollex Distribution's ecological advantages.

Increase your house's value

Residential real estate markets like the upper value of concrete houses. With the constant rise of energy costs, people who invest in high ratio frameworks will get an undeniable benefit when selling because of their reduced energy cost.